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152 add


Franchement ne le telecharger aplication nul


Mon record 277

No, French localization is not included !

Id prefer correct English rather than this laughable French translation. Je préfèrerais un anglais correct que cette traduction française risible.

Nay Dance



simples e very fun

Great game!

But it is not totally free :-((

Goiles app

Toller Zeitvertreib Highscore 223


Higscore:179 Macht spas

Tolles Alp

Mach auch auf dauer noch Spaß Highscore 155


Cooler App=) macht spaß besser als die normale folie:-D Highscore:164


so toll isses nich..

Highscore 

Woop woop

I liked it, it was cool and Addictin and a good app if ur bored but it can be a bit boring cuz they didnt realy add much to it

Great game

This is an overall great game. Graphics 5/5 the graphics are nice but they still is room for improvement. Concept 5/5 I think the concept was creative and fun. Gameplay 5/5 I dont enjoy this game as much as the real thing but at least this these bubbles dont run out. Overall 5/5 I could play this game for hours, its so addicting, and I love how competetive it gets between friends. I just want to say that orsome awnsered my request with the new update P.S. My record is 300 wooooooooo


Its so much fun i cant stop playing it me and my friends have competions over who can pop the most bubles :)

Love it

Love the game, very entertaining and challenging. Play it often. My highest score is 306


This app Is okay but the Reason I said okay was The crashes and it Pretty boring after a while


Its pretty good except it keeps crashing every time I open it. 

Beat that!!

My best is 314 can you beat me??? And excellent game keeps me amused


...BUT it wont let me change the name for the highscores now :( Can you fix this please ?

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